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Kinetafit Bootcamp

Kinetafit Bootcamps provides an encouraging, non-intimidating atmosphere that makes every member feel they are part of our Kinetafit community. We focus on functional movements that make you stronger and reduce your risk for injury. We are constantly designing different workouts and training sessions every day to keep things exciting and your body guessing. The structure of our high intensity signature bootcamps along with our strength sessions produce the ideal response for your body to boost metabolism, build muscle and look your best. Our creative and fun training sessions utilize not only your bodyweight but kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, suspension trainers, sleds, cable machines, rowing machines, air bikes and more!

During your Jumpstart program come try our signature bootcamps or our incredible strength camps! These unique training sessions are never the same and fuse functional movement, strength and cardio together, for an amazing experience! No matter which training session you choose, we are able to modify our programs to meet any fitness level, you’ll always be challenged, and you will build relationships with an amazing community of people with common goals. Whether you’re looking to improve your health, trim down or tone up, Kinetafit Bootcamps is the place to get results! We look forward to working out with you soon!

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