What is Kinetafit?
Kinetaft is one of Colorado’s most elite training facilities designed to shed weight, pack on muscle and develop healthy, functional, energized people. Everyone knows that working out to get in shape requires hard work and dedication, there are no two ways around it BUT you might as well have fun, listen to great music and workout with a group of awesome people all wanting the same thing. At Kinetafit we claim that it is the most fun you will ever have in a gym while getting in shape and being a part of an incredible community. We offer large group personal training as low as $7 per training session!

Are your trainers qualified?
All of our trainers have not only received certifications in personal training but have gone to college in the field of exercise science and have years of experience in the fitness industry. Our Director of Training designs all of our exercise programs and training sessions with a Masters degree in Human Movement, over 6 certifications and 15 years of experience. We pride ourselves for being the most knowledgeable, professional and entertaining trainers around. You can finally enjoy getting in shape and have an awesome trainer without breaking the bank.

How do I get started?
The best way to get started is to call us and set up a complementary consultation. We will go through health history, fitness history and basic information to help you decide what path will fit you best. Every one of our Kinetafit members started on a trial or challenge of some kind. We offer 1 month and 2 week trials to anybody wanting to try Kinetafit. After your trial we can help you transition into a membership that best fits your lifestyle. Call us at 303-653-9440!

Why don’t you offer drop-in sessions?
Everyone at Kinetafit has joined our facility because they want to and all of them have started from a 1-month or 2-week trial of some kind before they joined. We are not sales people trying to take your money, we are trainers wanting to help everyone get in the best shape of their life and enjoy it! We don’t offer drop-in sessions because we want people to join our community who are dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle and 1 session here or there won’t deliver the results most people are looking for. We do have Charity boot camps where non-members can come and workout as well as donate to a cause. This helps people get a feel for what kind of training sessions we offer and the people that are part of our community, however we recommend everyone starts with a 1-month trial to really get a feel for what kind of results they will get by joining the best gym in Brighton!

What do I need to bring to Kinetafit?
Whether you are on a trial or a member we ask everyone to come in exercise attire, bring a positive attitude and be ready to have the most fun you’ll ever have in a gym while getting in shape period. We do perform certain exercises and stretches on our sports turf at just about every session and so we recommend that people sensitive to harder surfaces bring their own exercise mat (NOT a yoga mat) to do those sessions.

Is Kinetafit a Personal Training Studio or a Bootcamp?
Yes, we are both. Kinetafit offers 1-on-1 personal training as well as large group training sessions. Our 1-on-1 personal training sessions are $45 for 30 minutes per session, however you can join our large group training sessions for as low as $7 per session. Our large group personal training sessions are called bootcamps because our training for large groups is a cross-training style that builds muscle, burns fat and speeds up metabolism. We focus on functional training that helps our members avoid injuries, improve movement patterns in the body and maximize results.