1. Are You At Risk: Female Athlete Triad

    Have you spotted this woman in the gym — a woman who genuinely enjoys training and taking ownership of her health and wellness? She is someone who is of lean body mass and as her fitness improves, so does her training time and exercise intensity — all while her calories and rest days decline. Pe…Read More

  2. How To Navigate The Gym In The New Year

    Are you recommitting to your health in the new year? The new year brings many new intentions, wellness programs, and fitness goals — but a little bit of warning — this is the single most day of the year when most set a resolution of health. This is an amazing endeavor, but it causes chaos in the…Read More

  3. Why Wait For The New Year To Make A Fitness Resolution?

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  4. What Makes a Competent Personal Trainer?

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  5. How High Intensity Interval Training Benefits Women

    Across the personal training and fitness community, you’ll find varying opinions on what is best for fat loss in women. It was once thought that cardio is queen, but for fat loss, it is definitely not optimal, but rather ineffective for actual fat loss and muscle building. It’s very important to…Read More

  6. Why Your Warm Up Matters

    Fitness and Warming Up For those that have been working with a personal trainer for a long time, you know exactly why your warm up is so important. Or do you? You might understand that getting a warm up in is important to get started with a workout, but do you know why it’s important? There’s a …Read More

  7. Fitness Myths to Watch Out For

    Fitness Training Myths When it comes to the fitness world and losing weight, there is tons of information out there. Whether it’s about your diet or exercise, you can find just about anything on either side. And while it’s nice to be able to gain some insight into the world of health and wellnes…Read More

  8. Fitness Tips for the Undevoted

    Fitness Training Tips Getting in shape and staying fit requires true dedication. But because we’re all imperfect, slip ups tend to occur, keeping us from meeting our fitness goals. While this might be defeating, it’s actually quite natural. In fact, it’s expected. Embracing these imperfections…Read More