1. Why Your Warm Up Matters

    Fitness and Warming Up For those that have been working with a personal trainer for a long time, you know exactly why your warm up is so important. Or do you? You might understand that getting a warm up in is important to get started with a workout, but do you know why it’s important? There’s a …Read More

  2. Fitness Myths to Watch Out For

    Fitness Training Myths When it comes to the fitness world and losing weight, there is tons of information out there. Whether it’s about your diet or exercise, you can find just about anything on either side. And while it’s nice to be able to gain some insight into the world of health and wellnes…Read More

  3. Fitness Tips for the Undevoted

    Fitness Training Tips Getting in shape and staying fit requires true dedication. But because we’re all imperfect, slip ups tend to occur, keeping us from meeting our fitness goals. While this might be defeating, it’s actually quite natural. In fact, it’s expected. Embracing these imperfections…Read More

  4. What to Expect From a Personal Training Session

    Personal Training Session Expectations You’ve done it. You’ve taken the leap and decided that you not only wanted to get in shape but that you really wanted to step up your fitness plan. As you’ve worked to get into better shape and overcome so many obstacles, you’ve realized that you want t…Read More

  5. How is Your Fitness Plan Going?

    How A Personal Trainer Can Help You Get Back on Track At the beginning of every year, people make new year’s resolutions. Oftentimes, those resolutions are based around health and wellness and improving the status quo of how we look and feel. It’s the start of the journey towards getting that su…Read More

  6. When Should I Get a Personal Trainer?

    Do You Know When You Need a Personal Trainer? Getting in shape is no easy feat, however, it’s not impossible. While it may seem like losing weight and getting fit is a mountain of a goal to conquer, it’s something that you can easily grasp, so long as you make the commitment. When you consider t…Read More

  7. Get a Head Start on Your Health Goals for the New Year

    New Year’s Resolution Jumpstart It’s October, so we get that talking about the beginning of next year might be a tad overzealous, but stay tuned because we have a good point. In 2015, 37 percent of people set their number one new year’s resolution as “to stay fit and healthy,” with 32 perc…Read More

  8. Are You Setting Realistic Goals?

    Fitness Goal Setting The key to starting on any new path is setting a goal. It gives you a purpose for the tasks you’re doing and the effort you’re making. And while this is especially true for fitness, it’s also true for other aspects of your life. However, when it comes to fitness, this aspe…Read More

  9. How to Get the Most out of Your Personal Training

    For years, you’ve been working out. You’ve tried different weight loss programs and have done well with all of them, but what is one common theme that you come across? Plateaus. It’s an unfortunate part of trying to get in shape, but it is a reality, and it’s something you can overcome. You…Read More