Do You Want to Shed Unwanted Body Fat FAST without FAD Diets or Magic Pills So You Can Look Sexy in a Bathing Suit or that Little Black Dress?

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From: Ruston Webb
Owner of Kinetafit & Kinetafit Bootcamps
Brighton Personal Trainer


Dear Friend:

  • Are you afraid of failing at another weight loss and fitness program?
  • Do you worry that you’ll feel foolish working out in front of other people or not be able to keep up with a group?
  • Are you worried your tummy is getting flabby, your arms are getting jiggly, you’re looking older than you feel, and you don’t know what to do about it?

My name is Ruston Webb and I’m the owner of Kinetafit Bootcamps, located in Brighton, CO. As a personal trainer with over 10 years’ experience, I have helped thousands of clients reach their weight loss goal so they can be in great shape and feel healthy again.

I have a passion for fitness you don’t normally see in the fitness industry. You see, I’m not interested in just signing people up for memberships. I really do want my clients to achieve their fitness goals.

My passion for fitness is contagious. I’ve worked as an instructor for a personal fitness training college. Fitness trainers come to me to teach them how to train clients to lose weight and get their body in healthy and fit shape because I use proven techniques that get results!

Let’s face it, no one wants to look in the mirror and see a muffin top coming out of his or her jeans. That last 10 pounds of belly fat can be frustrating to get rid of and make you feel the weight will never come off!

  • You want to feel confident that the steps you’re taking to lose weight will bring you results!
  • You want to see your body change and feel the results of overall improved health because you’re exercising and eating right!
  • You want to have energy to get through your day without stalling out mid-afternoon!
  • You want a program that is fun, affordable and can fit into your busy life!

You need Kinetafit and Kinetafit Bootcamps!

Never Stop Moving, Never Stop Learning

My fitness program and bootcamps follow the principles that George Nissen, the inventor of the trampoline, used to live a long and healthy life. He was able to do handstands at 95 years old! He believed you need to incorporate two fundamental things into your daily life; education and movement. If you do that every day, you will burn fat and get your body fit.

Kinetafit has adopted those fundamental principles to help all our clients incinerate body fat FAST. When you train with a Kinetafit trainer in either our personal training sessions or bootcamps, you’ll lose inches off your tummy, buttocks, thighs and upper arms.

You’ll tone your muscles while you slim down.

You’ll jump-start your metabolism so you’ll feel energized.

You’ll sleep better, look sexier in clothes and feel healthier because you’ll be healthier.

You’ll lose weight and learn how to keep that weight off for life!

The Kinetafit Difference…

  • lady result Welcome to the New KinetaFit Website!Personal fitness training and high-intensity bootcamp training
  • Unlimited access to any of the bootcamp sessions we offer
  • Flexible bootcamp schedules available for morning, lunchtime and evenings
  • A 1000 square foot gym which is located inside a physical therapy clinic called Kinetacare Physical Therapy
  • 50 minutes FULL body exercise workouts using compound movements for greater metabolic response and quicker results for losing weight, building muscle tone, and getting into the best cardiovascular shape of your life
  • Knowledgeable and caring trainers who are passionate about what they do and who will educate and motivate you to reach your goal
  • A functional movement screening (used by NFL and PGA tours) in the first two weeks of membership.
  • Loads of support and encouragement from trainers and other members
  • Services by a skilled physical therapist available to all clients with pain and physical restriction issues (both cash and insurance co-pay options available)
  • A FREE Consultation at no risk!

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And so much more!


The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is the product of an exercise philosophy known as Functional Movement Systems. This exercise philosophy and corresponding set of resources is based on sound science, years of innovation, and current research.

satisfaction seal Welcome to the New KinetaFit Website!The Funtional Movement Screen will be given to anyone who signs up for the free consultation. We make sure you can safely handle the bootcamp.

I’ve seen the Kinetafit training and bootcamps work time and again for clients who had previously struggled with weight loss. But don’t take my word for it. See what Kinetafit clients are saying…


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I’m so confident that you will burn fat, tone your body and feel healthier that I’m willing to take things 1 step further and give you an ironclad guarantee!

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Check out our schedule below!

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You don’t have to look for answers to your weight loss and fitness troubles any more. Working with a Brighton personal trainer at Kinetafit and Kinetafit Bootcamps will give you all the answers you need so you can finally shed that unwanted body fat and feel healthy again!

No magic diets or magic pills. Just healthy foods and solid exercise program that will help you reach your weight loss and fitness goal?

Are you ready to get rid of that muffin top and get back into those skinny jeans? Take that first step toward a happier and healthier life. Register for Kinetafit’s FREE Consultation today!



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Ruston Webb

Kinetafit and Kinetafit Bootcamps

PS. No other Brighton personal trainer has the passion to help you succeed like the trainers at Kinetafit! With my money back guarantee and free consultation, you can’t lose!

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